Recognition of Foreign Graduate Degrees at Ufes

Of the Council for Education and Research of the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES).

The documents for starting this procedure should be completed following the below sequence:

1. Request Form, completed according to Appendix 1 of Resolution nº 35/2004.

2. Notarized copy of undergraduate diploma (both sides).

3. Notarized copy of the graduate diploma seeking recognition (both sides). One should check if the authenticity of the diploma was certified by the Brazilian consular authority, in the country where the diploma was issued. We do not accept a certificate of completion.

4. Notarized copy of the diploma seeking recognition translated by a certified translator.

5. Notarized copy of a graduate studies transcript, which includes the courses necessary for obtaining the degree to be recognized.

6. Statement/proof from the applicant, concerning the time he/she spent in the country where the program was completed. Copies of passports must be legible and without changes.

7. Copy of the thesis/dissertation defense meeting form, which identifies the people who were part of the examining board, and the assessment outcome.

8. Document about the foreign institution where the program was completed, identifying the characteristics of the program, the admissions process, deadlines and requirements for the thesis/dissertation defense.

9. Notarized copy of the proof of scholarship, from funding agency (Capes, CNPq, Fapes, etc.), if applicable.

10. Description of the courses or other activities taken that may have positively impacted the acquisition of credits necessary for completing the program.

11. A copy of the thesis/dissertation.

12. Original copy of the bill and receipt used for paying the diploma recognition tax.

Tax payment

a) Amount: R$ 1.250 (BRL) for master degree and R$ 2.000,00 (BRL) for doctoral degree (Resolution # 21/2012 CUn/UFES);

b) Access (the site used to generate/print the tax to be paid at Banco do Brasil, in cash)

Use the following codes

Unidade Gestora: 153046

Gestão: 15225

Nome da Unidade: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

Código de RecolhimentoSelect option 28927-2

(taxa de registro de diplomas - tax for diploma registration)

Click on "Avançar" (Next). In the following page, use these codes:

Número de Referência: 15350200250000016

CNPJ ou CPF do contribuinte: use numbers only - no dots, dashes, etc.

CPF is the individual taxpayer registration number - you can apply for it at Correios/Ministério da Fazenda

Nome do contribuinteuse your name

Valor principal: R$ 1.250,00 (BRL) - master degree recognition; or R$ 2.000,00 - doctoral degree recognition - use numbers only.

Valor total: repeat "valor principal" - R$ 1.250,00 (BRL) - master degree recognition; or R$ 2.000,00 - doctoral degree recognition - use numbers only.

Click on "Gerar GRU".

Attention: The "recognition" requests should be started only in the Senior Office for Research and Graduate Studies (PRPPG). Visits should be scheduled by e-mail (revalidacaoufes [at], before paying taxes. The procedure will be started only if all the documents are attached. The initial analysis concerning the recognition of diplomas (master/doctoral degree) is carried out by the Councils of Graduate Programs, which have courses in the same field of study, and are already assessed by CAPES (National Coordination of Higher Education Personnel) and by the National Council for Education (CNE). We do not accept documents by e-mail or from the post office.

Brazilian Legislation related to the recognition of master and doctoral diplomas from foreign institution

  1. Resolution CES/CNE nº 01/2001

  2. Resolution CES/CNE nº 01/2002

  3. Resolution CES/CNE nº 12/2006

  4. Resolution nº 35/2004 - CEPE/Ufes

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